Dressed to Kill
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The Fabulously Exciting Roaring 20'S!!!



The Roaring 20's was considered such an exciting Era. Prohibition was on in America & that drove the Bootleggers to even greater ways of getting their Prohibited Booze into the Speakeasies. People were drinking, dancing & living it up.

There were so many different Fashions in the 20's.
Not just the Flapper dress but The drop-waisted dresses. The Tube Dresses. Coat Dresses. Almost anything could be worn.
Lots of Jewellery, Cloche hats, Feather headpieces.
It is still one of the most popular parties to have. The Guys seem to love being Gangsters.
Come & See our great costumes

Goods can be posted providing Costume & Postage paid prior to posting.

We deal in Cash...Bank Transfer...Money Orders.....

Last updated 15.3.2018

Ph.08 82641545 .....or M. 0411768975 .......Email: dressedtokill@chariot.net.au #LynPalfreyDressedToKill
Roaring 20's
Ladies dresses made by Dressed To Kill.=Sold
Roaring 20s Gangster & Flappers
His.- Jacket & Pants=$55-00.
Cigarette Holder = $6.60
Feather headpieces=$20-00
White ties. Price to be checked.
Gangster hats $20-00 or $10-50.
Blue Dress & Green dress both sold.
Others available @ Dressed To Kill @ the FISHERMEN'S WHARF MARKETS @ PT.Adelaide on Sunday's & Monday Public Holidays. 9am-5pm.
Owner wearing Black Flapper Dress. Made by her....sold.
Lyn Palfrey. Dress SOLD
Roaring 20's Pricelist.
Men's Black Gangster Hat. Feltex=$21-00.


  • Gangster Suit. (Pants & Jacket)=$55-00. Sizes Small-Xlg.
  • Braces=$20-00
  • Feltex Hat=$21-00
  • Plastic gangster hat=$10-50
  • Braces=$20-00
  • White Ties
  • White Scarves. Long, (satin & Woollen,) various prices.
  • Ladies Flapper Dresses=$85-00
  • Prices can vary on these dresses
  • Ladies Feather Headpieces. DTK=$30-00
  • Ladies feather headpieces=$20-00
  • Long cigarette Holder=$5-00
  • Deluxe Feather Boas

  • * * Please note.* *We have some lovely dresses not shown on here yet, that are in the drop-waist style. Various sizes up to Lg.
    White Flapper Dress...sold
    Size 8. Made By Dressed To Kill
    Roaring 20's Wedding. All Dresses made by Dressed To Kill.
    White Flapper Wedding dress, Headpice & Feather Boa available to buy as a set.
    20s Wedding dresses. Made by Dressed To Kill
    White dress size 8/10. sold.... Blue Flapper dresses =1 x 8/10. =$55-00.
    Available to view @ The Fishermen's Wharf Markets @ Pt. Adelaide.
    More Adelaide Jail Birthday Party
    The Red Dress that the Lady is wearing sitting at the table is a Tube style dress with Butterfly Jacket over the top. Size 18
    21st Birthday held at The Old Adelaide Jail
    Other Tube Dresses Available in Black/Silver. Size 16/18.
    Grey/Blue sized 16/18 =$85-00
    How To Host A Murder game Played @ Padthaway. South East in July 19th 1996.
    It was after playing this game that Lyn decided to start the business of Dressed To Kill.
    Lyn & Clive Palfrey dressed for their roles in the game set in 1928.
    Lyn & Clive Palfrey @ Padthaway. S.East.
    Black Dress made by Lyn Palfrey. Chiffon top to Sequined Skirt. Size16/18...sold
    Black/Gold Butterfly top SOLD.
    Dinner Suits.......Pants & Jacket. $120-00.
    White dress shirts various sizes $100-00.
    Available @ The Fishermen's Wharf Markets. Sundays 9am-5pm
    Black Al Capone Hat
    Black Al Capone hat
    Purchase from Dressed To Kill @ The Fishermen's Wharf Markets @ PT.Adelaide on Sunday & Monday Public holidays.
    Open 9am - 5pm. Free entry
    White Drop Waist Dress.
    Another popular style for the 20's.
    size approx 12/14
    Dog not for sale.
    Purchase from Dressed To Kill @ The Fishermen's Wharf Markets @ Pt.Adelaide.
    Roaring 20's Headpiece. $20-00
    Black Roaring 20's dress & headpiece. $65-00.
    size m........10/12/14. has a certain amount of stretch in it plus it laces up at the back.
    Roaring 20s dress $65-00
    View at Dressed To Kill @ The Fishermen's Wharf Markets @ PT.Adelaide on Sundays & Monday public holidays.
    Pink Flapper Dress=Sold
    Size 10. This dress is the first one that I ever made for my business
    Matching Pink headband made by DTK is $30-00. Other headbands available for $20-00
    Available @ Dressed To Kill @the FISHERMEN'S WHARF MARKETS @ PT.Adelaide on Sundays & Monday Public Holidays.
    3 Beautiful Flapper Ladies...Sold
    Other headpieces available for $20-00
    Long cigarette holders $5-00.
    3 Roaring 20s Flappers Molls. $85-00ea.
    On sale at Dressed To Kill @ the FISHERMEN'S WHARF MARKETS @ PT.Adelaide on Sunday's & Monday Public Holidays. 9am-5pm
    Flapper Dress Roaring 20'S...sold
    White Flapper Dress made by Dressed To Kill

    Satin Dress/w Fringing in V shaped Pattern on front of Dress = Size 8/10

    Available to view @ The Fishermen's Wharf Markets. Sunday & Monday Public Holidays. 9am-5pm

    Roaring 20'S Flapper Dress/ French Maid. Made by Dressed To Kill
    The pink size 8 Roaring 20's Dress & Headpiece was the first
    costume that Lyn Palfrey, (owner of the business) made in 1996
    Pink Headpiece =$30-00.
    Other Headpices available to buy @ $20.00
    De-luxe Feather Boas=$35-00
    Pink size 14 Flapper dress sold.
    Adelaide Jail Flappers
    This 21st Birthday Party was held in the Adelaide Jail.
    Dresses made by Dressed To Kill
    Blue Dress (Long) Sold.
    Green Dress =SOLD
    Gangster & Flapper
    Blue Dress =Sold.
    Gangster Outfit=Jacket & Pants=$55-00
    Gangster Hat= $21-00
    Available @ The Fishermen's Wharf Markets @ Pt.Adelaide
    White Coat Dress w/Black Buttons.
    Black Cloche Hat with Butterfly Brooch.
    Coat Dresses were another style of dress to come out in the 20's
    Lyn wearing coatfrock. Popular in 60s & 80
    Black Jet Beads were also popular.

    When I look at this photo of me....I see my Grandmother looking back at me.......OH Dear...My genes have got me...ha..ha
    Rocking Horse .....SOLD
    Black Flapper Roaring 20's dress w/headpiece.= $70-00. #LynPalfreyDressedToKill
    Sizes XLg.....16-18....Bust. 116cms......waist 101cms.....hips 121cms.

    Size XXLg......20-22.....Bust 127cms....waist.116cms...hips.137cms

    Dressed To Kill will post anywhere in Australia providing that all monies are paid prior to posting.
    Money Order or Bank Transfer.
    Purchase from Dressed To Kill upstairs @ the Fishermen's Wharf Markets @ Pt.Adelaide on Sunday's or Monday Public Holidays.
    Open 9am -5pm...Free Entry.
    Lilac Coatfrock.
    Another 20's style.
    Roaring 20's Headpiece $20-00