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Medieval is hugely popular and covered 500 years.

Dressed To Kill has dressed hundreds of people for Medieval Weddings/ Parties & Medieval Fairs. Our Costumes have been so popular because we have made the largest proportion of our costumes & we have catered from Small sizes to Large sizes in both Men & Women's costumes

Each year one of the highlights of the year is the Medieval Fairs
The daily Costume Competition is an exciting event. Come to us to buy your costume before the event so that you & your family can attend in costume.

NOTE**Lyn Palfrey has been dressing customers in Medieval Costumes since 1996. I Know the guys will tell me, "that they don't want to wear tights!!!" Our pants/leggings are made so that they do not look like Ballet Tights, have a good stretch in them & our tunic/tops come down to your Knees. I have dressed many men in Medieval Costume & they have had a wonderful time. It's free to come & see**

We are at our triple fronted stall at The Fishermen's Wharf Markets @ Port Adelaide; upstairs on the mezzanine floor. Sunday (and public holiday Mondays) 9am-5pm
THIS IS NOW OUR ONLY OUTLET.......I closed the shop @ Modbury after an accident, damaging my arm & shoulder.
We will post costumes anywhere in Australia providing all monies owing & the postage is paid prior to sending. Express Post....24-48 hours.

Please Note that we only deal in cash, Money Orders or Bank Transfer.

Layby available. Conditions apply. $50-00 deposit.


Because I need the space many costumes are now $50-00ea.

Ph. 08 82641545...or M. 0411768975.....#LynPalfreyDressedToKill ..... Email: dressedtokill@chariot.net.au...updated 26.1.2019
Pope sold...Nun...$50-00
Nun in sizes Small - XXXLG
Nun = $50-00 XXXLG
Buy from Dressed To Kill
Silver Fairy Godmother = now $50-00
Made by Dressed To Kill
sixe 10 one only
Fairy Godmother Medeival
available from Dressed To Kill upstairs @ the Fishermen's Wharf Markets @ Pt.Adelaide.
Vintage piece.......2 foxes joined.
Mint condition. Great to wear @ a Medieval Fair.
Buy from Dressed To Kill @ the Fishermen's Wharf Markets.... Ph. 08-82641545 .... M: 0411768975.
Email: dressedtokill@chariot.net.au
Pirate Cap
These Pirate Caps are perfect to use with the Medieval Wenches.
Pirates & Medieval costumes
Make very good Pirate wenches, simply by adding this Cap.
Other Pirate Caps/Hats available.
Available from The Fishermen's Wharf Markets Sundays & Monday Public Holidays. 9am - 5pm
NEW Black Medieval/Pirate Shirt
Soft Cheesecloth= $60-00
Medieval & Pirate shirts $60-00
Available from Dressed To Kill @ The Fishermen's Wharf Markets Sunday & Public holiday Mondays
Medieval style Wedding Dress. Pre-loved. $150-00
Mint condition....one only....sized 10/12
View @ Dressed To Kill Bridal & Formal @ The Fishermen's Wharf Markets @ Pt.Adelaide on Sundays' & Monday public holidays.
Upstairs on the mezzanine floor. Open 9am-5pm. Free entry.
Vikings Robes.=$50-00 ea.

Headpieces = $35-00ea
Helga & Hagar. Made by Dressed To Kill. #LynPalfreyDressedToKill
Vikings. Helga & Hagar. Medieval
His=Hessian robe. Lg knotted belt/cord=$50.00. 1 only in hessian. size=XXLG....SOLD

Hers= Reversible Robe. Heavy cotton. Brown 1 side. White the other/ with knotted cord.=$50.00. size=XXLG
3 costumes= XXLG available.
Headpieces. Buy seperately.=$35.00ea.
Axes available to buy seperately.
Made by Dressed To Kill. Available upstairs @ the FISHERMEN'S WHARF MARKETS @ Pt.Adelaide on Sundays & Monday public holidays 9am-5pm
Blue Velvet Dress $200-00.
Blue velvet Medieval Dress
This dress is a 1 only. Gorgeous dark blue Velvet, with 4 splits in dress, so that it falls in Panels. Lace-up Bodice back & front. Laces with cord. Size 8/10/12. #LynPalfreyDressedToKill
Available @ the FISHERMEN'S WHARF MARKETS on Sundays & Monday Public Holidays. 9am-5pm
Hagrid (Harry Potter)
Reversible Brown/white Kaftan. $50-00
Medeival Harry Potter Hagrid Monks
Wig & Beard available to buy seperately.
Size lg-xxlg
Robin Hood Hat
Matching Robin Hood Costumes available
Robin Hood medieval hat
Available to view @ The Fishermen's Wharf Markets
another colour is called "leaf green"
Plain Black Witches Hat.
Many styles of Witches hats available @ various prices
Witches Hats Medieval
View @ The Fishermen's Wharf Markets
Cinderella Dress. = $200-00...now $50-00
Made By Dressed To Kill.
These dresses are gorgeous. only 3 made. #LynPalfreyDressedToKill
This dress is pink silk w/Crystal Organza overlay. Lace up front Bodice. Pearl Trimming.
We only made 3 of these Gorgeous Dresses...were $200-00...reduced to $50-00

1 x 8. 1 x10. 1 x12
Silver Tiaras available to buy from Dressed To Kill.

Dressed To Kill will post items anywhere in Australia providing that all monies & postage is paid prior to sending.
Dress Price=$50-00ea. Available to buy from Dressed To Kill. 08 82641545 or M. 0411768975
Email: dressedtokill@chariot.net.au
Wizard's hat= $19.50
colours black/gold & black/silver
Wizards hats $19-50
buy @ The Fishermen's Wharf Markets on Sundays & Monday public holidays
2016 Gumeracha Medieval Fair poster.

Gumeracha Medieval Fair - 4th and 5th of May 2019!
Buy your costume from Dressed To Kill & go to the Gumeracha Medieval Fair in costume.
Arabian Cape with detachable Hood.=$900-00
Fully lined.
This amazing cape is Velvet with Gold Embroidery work on it.
I have never seen another cape like this.
I bought this cape from an Arabian lady who was returning to Saudi Arabia to live.
Stunning 1 only $900-00
The price reflects the "exclusivity" of this beautiful stunning cape.
Buy from Dressed To Kill.
New White Medieval/Pirate Shirt
Soft Cheesecloth=$60-00
Medieval & Musketeer shirts
Available from Dressed Top Kill @ The Fishermen's Wharf Markets
Medieval Style Wedding Dress. Size 10. .....$150-00
One only.
View @ Dressed To Kill @ the Fishermen's Wharf Markets on Sunday & Monday public holidays.
Medieval Wenches.
Made by Dressed To Kill.=$15-00 per piece.
Costumes consists of 4 pieces.
few only available now.
Calico skirt with calico Bustier. Cheesecloth, Black round neck elasticised shirt. Medieval round hat....same as in the burgundy hat.
sizes from small to large
these dresses have been used for Medieval Wenches & great Pirate Wenches.
To use for a Pirate Wench simply buy the Pirate hats available for sale priced from $12-00 up. View one of the Pirate Caps Below.
available from Dressed To Kill @ the FISHERMEN'S WHARF MARKETS Sundays & Public Holidays Mondays. 9am-5pm
Medieval Axeman=
Pants $15-00. Shirt. $15-00.
made by Dressed To Kill.
Axe & headpiece available to buy seperately.
Medieval Axemen
Black pants & drop shoulder shirt..

Available various sizes.=SM-XXLG

For those of you who cannot find costumes to fit 10-14 year olds because the wrists & legs are elasticised on these costumes, you can shorten the arms or legs simply by pulling up the sleeves or trouser legs.
available from Dressed To Kill @ the FISHERMEN'S WHARF MARKETS @ Pt.Adelaide on Sundays & Monday Public holidays. 9am-5pm
Cream Medieval Dress w/ Red Robe Overlay
I have this @ $250-00.
Gorgeous Cream Gown decorated with Red Fabric Roses.
Bright Red Overlay made by Dressed To Kill. #LynPalfreyDressedToKill
Medieval gown & overlay
1 Only. =Size approx 12/14
This is a stunning gown. The fabric roses on the dress stand out from the flat material of the dress.
Available only from Dressed To Kill upstairs @ The Fishermen's Wharf Markets.
On Left Robin Hood made by Dressed To Kill.
Avaialable from Small -XXXlarge.
the variation in prices is because these costumes have been pre-hired. Some of them may have a mark etc, hence the variation
Robin Hood & his Merry Men
Robin Hood Costume consists of Pants/Drop shoulder shirt/Jerkin/hat/Cape=$140-00

Please note ** For all of the guys who are worried about wearing tights, our pants ARE NOT LIKE BALLET TIGHTS!!! PLUS we make the Jerkin top so that they come to your knees. Your Assets are not on show.
Available @ the Fishermen's Wharf Markets Sunday & Public holiday Monday's 9am-5pm
Vikings....Hagar & Helgar. ..$50-00ea
Both in sizes XXlg
Costumes = $50-00 ea.
Headpieces = $35-00ea
Vikings Medeival clothes
Round shield was made by this Viking.
These costumes are reversible so that you can have the brown or white side showing...They are made to fit larger people.
Buy from Dressed To Kill.
Don't forget that we will post costumes/items anywhere in Australia providing all monies owing including postage is paid prior to sending
Witch's Costume.=Adult=$50-00....robe only.

Made by Dressed To Kill
we have many costumes for Witches'. Sizes from Small-XXXlg
witches costumes medieval sizes Sm-xxxlg
Come to Dressed To Kill @ the Fishermen's Wharf Markets.
Made by Dressed To Kill
sizes Small. Medium. Large
Purple People Eater. $50-00
Many years ago the owner of Dressed To Kill wore this to the Medieval Fair....It caused quite a sensation.....Many photos were taken.
Buy from Dressed To Kill @ the Fishermen's Wharf Markets.
3 tiered white net petticoat.....$50-00 sale.
Made by Dressed To Kill...various sizes. Good condition.
normally $100-00 ...out for sale for $50-00.
Great petticoats for under Medieval dresses.
Fabulous purple hat w/feather.
Reduced to $50-00.
Also available in Red/w black lace & Black.
dashing Pirate & Musketeer hat
These hats have a variety of uses. From wearing them to a Melbourne Cup lunch to making a dashing pirate or a Musketeer.
Buy from Dressed To Kill
Signs say Vintage Clothing & Dressed To Kill.
Go straight up the stairs & we are there. Bright lights & signs to help show the way.
My 3 stalls are marked by the flashing lights. You can't miss us.
Looking from the ground floor to my stall
Dressed To Kill @The Fishermen's Wharf Markets
Cleopatra & Roman Soldier. $50-00ea. #LynPalfreyDressedToKill
one only Cleopatra. Does not include headpiece.
Cleopatra Headpiece . $95-00.
Roman soldier & Cleopatra
Email: dressedtokill@chariot.net.au M: 0411768975. Ph. 08 82641545
View upstairs @ Dressed To Kill @ the Fishermen's Wharf Markets @ Pt.Adelaide.
Open 9am-5pm Sundays & public holidays Mondays.
Merlin the Wizard =sold
made by Dressed To Kill
Sold. However we do have other Merlins, plus the wig & beard to buy & the Black/Silver Hat.
Wizards Medieval Merlin
We have Wizards in various sizes...(up to XXXlg ) & colours. =$50-00.
Black/Silver hat = $19-50.
Wizard Wig & Beard=$55-00ea
Dark Purple robe over white with silver stars costume available. (not shown)
available @ the FISHERMEN'S WHARF MARKETS on Sundays & Public Holiday Mondays. 9am-5pm
XXXLG Friar Tuck. $50-00
Made by Dressed To Kill
3 available.
Double sided reversible Brown Kaftan w/thick knotted cord.
Medieval Friar Tuck. $50-00. XXXLG.
Wig & cross available to buy seperately
Sizes Lg-XXlg. available @ The Fishermen's Wharf Markets. Sundays & Monday Public Holidays. 08 82641545 or M. 0411768975
Cream Dress showing Red Roses Detail
Medieval costumes ladies. 1 only.
Don't forget the Medieval Fair @ Gumeracha 5th & 6th of May 2018.
Dress & Robe available @ Dressed To Kill @ The Fishermen's Wharf Markets.
Pirate Hat with Feather=$20-00
Loved & worn by both male & female
These hats go beautifully with the Calico Wenches.
Turns you into a wonderfully jaunty pirate wench.
Medeival & pirates costumes
available to buy from Dressed To Kill